Fighting against gender violence in the high Andean communities of Ollantaytambo, Peru.

Chimpay is an organization operating in the district of Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley of Peru, which aims to support the local high Andean communities in their efforts to reduce domestic violence for  vulnerable people, usually women and children.

In these communities, isolated from the rest of the world and its social norms, the system for addressing domestic violence is slow and ineffective, often answering violence with violence.


Chimpay intends to work closely with these communities to help them change their perspective on such sensitive issues. By acknowledging the complexity of this task, Chimpay has developed a three-phase strategy involving the following


We plan to do this in three phases:



  1. Sensitize the Local Population and Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence 

  2. Provide Legal and Psychological Support to Victims of Violence 

  3. Build a Shelter for Women and Children 

Chimpay is an organization that aims to reduce domestic violence by empowering individuals and communities.

Getting involved is easy! We have a number of travel and volunteer opportunities available. Check out our Volunteer Programs or Travel With Us section if you're interested. 


Let us know that we are not alone in this fight! Be part of this today, and remember that every little
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