What is the problem and what will we do?

Violence in the High Andean Communities of Peru has been normalized for many years. It is so ingrained in the culture that, often, it is not perceived as a problem that can be addressed. People simply live with violence, and this is where we want to effect change. 

Children grow up in a cycle of violence. They watch their parents engage in abusive relationships; corporal punishment is still practiced in schools. 


Because children grow up in a society where violence is normalized, they repeat the same behaviors as adults. Thus, the cycle continues. 


At Chimpay, we are trying to end this cycle of violence and provide a safer, more nurturing environment for children as well as future generations.


For generations, women and children have silently struggled in violent situations with no way out. We want to provide a better way. 




Chimpay is an organization that aims to reduce domestic violence by empowering individuals and communities.


Our vision is build relationships in all Ollantaytambo communities within 5 years.

How will we do it?

Step 1: Sensitization



Chimpay will provide classes focused on non-violent conflict resolution and healthy relationships. These classes will be taught to both children and parents in hope of creating interfamily dialogue at home.

Step 2: Access to Supportive Services


Right now, Chimpay assists women in navigating the government systems that help them gain access to legal and psychological services. This can be a difficult and time consuming process. Our goal is to eventually offer these services directly to the victims.



Step 3: Safe Houses


Currently, access to safe houses or domestic violence shelters are extremely limited for women in our communities. By 2022, we aim to build two women’s shelters in the Sacred Valley for women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence situations.



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