Sensitization in schools

To make a real difference, we have to make people in these communities change their thinking about violence, so we will start working with children in the schools of these communities, focusing on the denaturalization of violence and in gender equality.

School of parents

The awareness work should be for children and adults in this way they will be speaking the same language, helping the message to be assimilated in a better way by the community starting with these families

Women Organizations 

We will also work with well-established community programs run by women, in order to build stronger links within communities and to be in more direct contact with women and their leaders.



At this time, Chimpay helps women navigate government systems that help them gain access to legal and psychological services. This process, however, can be difficult, confusing and slow.


Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence

At this time, there are very few safe houses and shelters in the Cusco region. By the year 2021, we hope to build two safe houses in the Sacred Valley. These houses will not only provide refuge from dangerous situations; They will also offer support services and reintegration and empowerment programs to survivors of domestic violence.

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